Justin Cobb Explains the Role of Marketing Strategies in Business Growth

Business / April 29, 2022

It is surprising just how many businesses underestimate the value of effective marketing strategies in driving business growth. Instead of investing in proven ways to build brand and trust within a wider market, they count on their sales force to build the brand and close sales. Unfortunately, their reach is limited in that they are dealing, for the most part, with a small portion of the market, and of that, most are return business.

Justin Cobb explains, “Return business is good but if that is the sum total of money being brought it, there is little room for growth. The key to increasing profits is outward reached to a continually growing audience and the only way to do that is through effective marketing strategies, especially in the digital realm.”

He goes on to talk about the concept of word-of-mouth advertising being seen as the best way to build trust in a business but again, only those in the close circle of current customers will hear about a business’s reputation and the reliability of the products they carry. Justin says that “Digital word of mouth advertising has a much farther reach and is even more effective than the traditional person-to-person recommendations simply because your audience is virtually limitless. This is especially the case when a personal recommendation is made on social media.”

He acknowledges that word of mouth advertising is one of the most effective ways of building a brand but when you have a limited audience, brand recognition is just as limited. “All it takes is a few happy customers to post positive online reviews, especially on social media, for your brand to be carried to a much larger audience. Underlying this technique for building a brand is the concept of trust. If my friend trusts that brand, I just might try them too.”

Just Cobb explains it is all about reaching the widest market possible with a major emphasis on brand recognition strategies. He has found that each and every customer can become a brand ambassador and each person reached through their efforts will spread the word in an ever-widening circle of potential customers.

“It is our job to get them to your doorstep, whether it is in the digital realm or land-based, and that is when your sales team goes to work closing the sale. We get them to you prepared to buy and then you take it up from there,” Justin further explains. “While your sales team is a vital part of your organization, it is marketing strategies that bring about brand awareness and trust. You need both to succeed.”


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