Justin Cobb on Effective Strategies to Start, Build, Expand or Turn a Business Around

Business / May 3, 2022

No matter what stage of development your business is in, it is important to understand the importance of effective strategies designed with particular results in mind. The one common element is that you will need a budget but how you structure that budget depends on the strategies you will be utilizing. Once you have strategies laid out, you can begin to create a budget and from there the only thing left to do, according to Justin Cobb, is to, “Stick as close to your budget as possible. You want to spend wisely, not wasting a single dollar.”

Justin explains that the bulk of your budget will be directed to marketing strategies. “Each of those stages of development is dependent upon building brand recognition and from there a solid customer base. For that to happen, you will need to understand your market, so don’t forget to set aside a budget for market analysis.”

A large part of market analysis is mapping out various customer journeys. In order to speak to them on some inner level, he says you need to “Communicate with them on how you identify with their pain points and have solutions other brands have failed to provide. Marketing is, after all, identifying needs and providing solutions. Your brand has all that and more.”

Sometimes it’s an initial effort when launching a startup, and that can take a massive campaign via as many types of media as your budget will allow for. Other times it’s turning a business around that is floundering. To that end, Justin concludes that “The foundation of any strategy designed to start, build, expand, or turn a business around depends on a well-researched marketing strategy that has mapped out the customer journey. From there, you can design and implement the specifics in terms of building brand recognition and authenticity.” 


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