Justin Cobb Joins Business Partners In London For A Weekend Of Information and Celebrations

Uncategorized / May 5, 2017

Once again the United Kingdom is calling Justin Cobb’s name, having already visited the country a few times this year so far, Justin will attend the spring gala in the heart of London. Joining good friends and also business partners, Justin Cobb fly’s over from New York to attend exclusive industry event as guest speaker. For some business owners, constant business travel can seem time consuming or a hassle, however having a real passion for what he does, means Justin Cobb only ever gets excited about traveling, even now, ten years into his career.

Held in the heart of London, industry experts will gather together at a 5-star venue and network amongst one another in their best dress. With the chance to win an Audi and a Bentley, the event has doubled in size since last year. With professionals traveling from Belfast, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff for the event, and joined by international friends and business partners who are flying in from destinations such as New York and Miami. Justin Cobb embarks on the 8-hour flight from NYC to speak in front of, influence, inspire and make a lasting impact to all in attendance.

These industry events give Justin Cobb the chance to stand on stage in front of hundreds of professionals whom he has had the pleasure of coaching and speak about his experiences, their achievements in the industry and the goals they are reaching for going forward. When sharing his knowledge and passion with his business partners and those whom he mentors in the industry, Justin makes sure he is always promoting a positive, enthusiastic and committed work ethic. This can only stand them and their businesses in good stead, so it is vital that he passes on the same characteristics down to his mentees.

Justin Cobb invites his business partners to bring their company’s highest achievers with them, and grace them with the opportunity to enjoy and take part in the exclusive activities that in most industry’s only the managers and directors attend. Justin believes that when it comes to exclusive industry events, it is crucial to involve those key players who have made a significant addition to the growth and progress of the direct marketing industry over the past year.



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