Justin Cobb Explains the Importance of Morning Meetings In Business

Uncategorized / May 30, 2017

As any business leader knows, communication amongst a group is vital if you want to succeed. Keeping everybody advised of developments, news and potential opportunities is absolutely critical and there is no better way to deliver this information than in person. Direct marketing expert Justin Cobb understands the importance of internal communication within a business, and so rather than relying on email for issuing daily news and announcements, he promotes running daily morning meetings in your office.

Justin Cobb believes that morning meetings are integral to the success of the company and says, ‘I have found time and time again that there is no substitute for briefing your office in person every day. When you are busy it is easy to cancel, or delegate to another colleague, but I know that when I run a morning meeting all workers learn everything that they need to do in order to follow my instructions and achieve their goals.’

So just how can you ensure that your meetings are informative, fun and inspiring? Justin Cobb explains, “First and foremost, ensure that your morning meetings are brief – this is not the time to sit down and discuss things in great detail. Issue an agenda so that everybody knows what to expect, and then I set a time limit for the meeting so there is no risk of it overrunning. I work my way through the agenda, before throwing the meeting open to the floor in order that we can discuss any issues that I am not aware of. Always make notes so that you can be sure that you remember everything that was said in the meeting, and also make a point of inviting questions at the end. Running these meetings means that you can ensure that every single person has been given all the information that they require in order to do their job properly. You can then all head back to your desks, freshly briefed and motivated to do your jobs. It has proved to be very effective as it keeps the lines of communication open at all times.”

These daily briefings go a long way towards explaining the success that Justin Cobb and his business owners who he coaches are enjoying. Because of Justin Cobb’s strategies, they are all well-informed and are enabled to do their jobs to the best of their ability.


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