Justin Cobb Looks At Creativity From an Entrepreneur’s Perspective

Uncategorized / November 15, 2017

Creativity is a significantly useful quality not just for artists and painters, but for business professionals too because it requires thinking outside the box and creating a vibrant personality for their brand. Justin Cobb has created a generously successful career from consulting in the direct marketing industry and training entrepreneurs, and it isn’t as black and white as it sounds. Justin Cobb has taken hundreds of different brands in all different sectors, designed and created marketing campaigns for them, as well as trialing them himself. This means Justin Cobb has to adapt to different environments and trial and test various strategies to deliver the brands message in the most efficient way possible to generate enough exposure for the client.

Being creative doesn’t just translate well in the creative arts industry, it’s just as transferable in business, but the variables change, instead of playing with paintbrushes and canvas, we’re now playing with strategy and ideas. Justin Cobb’s background in music aids his creativity as an entrepreneur, as his taste for rhythm gives him the platform to be excitable and have fun, as well as giving him the confidence to be eccentric, and express how he feels. Simultaneously, his passion for music encourages him to reach out to others and impact them in the same way that a soul-stirring song can. The great thing about music is that it’s universal, and because it stimulates our minds and imagination, it gives a perk to those business professionals who have a passion for it. As well as this, music can be used to build and help certain emotions, like excitement, or focus. For example, listening to classical music helps with concentration, allowing people to think clearer and change their perspective.

Being creative at work generally means taking risks, which might make you fearful. But Justin Cobb recommends a regular dose of the fear factor, as it’s a powerful thing, especially when it means you might fall on your face. But injecting creativity into your career is absolutely essential if you want to have fun, make money, worry less and inspire those in your circles to do the same.


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