Justin Cobb On Becoming Fierce In The Field

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As a youngster we feared nothing, especially not speaking to new faces in the playground, adults our parents introduced us to, or even the older lady sat alongside us on the bus, so why is it, that through growing up, we have developed a fear of talking to new faces? Experts call it Social Anxiety. How can social anxiety be treated? Well, many therapeutic methods have been studied, but cognitive-behavioral techniques have been shown to work the best. Alongside these treatments, whether your symptoms be mild or very intense, public speaker and entrepreneur Justin Cobb prescribe’s a regular dose of practice and a healthy amount of challenges to help loosen those shackles that tie you to your comfort zone.

Justin Cobb has made a successful career from sales and direct marketing, and he took to the field speaking to over 100 hundred people a day to tell them about his products and services. With that, he became confident enough to speak publicly, and mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs in his industry, so he wholeheartedly understands it can be daunting talking to customers face to face, especially when your livelihood and career depends on it. So here’s his best advice for getting through it and out the other side.

Set A Target

Set out to talk to 5 people, 10, 15, 20, 40, keep resetting the target and see how easily you get on with it. The challenge to meet the goal will soon spur you on and you’ll feel more encouraged to smash your previous record.


Turn the serious settings down a notch, just relax, take a deep breath, make a mistake, laugh and shake it off. You have to experience humility in order to relax and loosen up, and don’t forget to smile too, because you’re never fully dressed without a smile.

Ask For Friendly Feedback

We all hide our anxiety and our fears right? It’s just human instinct to armor ourselves to avoid being transparent. But you shouldn’t, be confident but honest, tell this person about your attempt to become better at speaking to people, ask them how they think you’re doing, the likelihood is that they will be very friendly, compliment you and make you feel great. And with that comes real confidence.


If you are consistently doing the three things above, then you cannot fail, with anything in life practice makes perfect.


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