Justin Cobb Looks at His American Plans

Uncategorized / December 6, 2014

Business today operate within a truly global environment, and entrepreneurs can use their skills to sell products and services in many different territories. Despite the continued growth of China, the USA remains the biggest market of them all, and is truly a land of opportunity for ambitious business people. Here, Justin Cobb reveals his exciting new American plans.

“I’ve loved living and working in the UK and Europe, but I was born in the United States and it will always hold a special place in my heart”, said entrepreneur and business mentor Justin Cobb. “That’s why I’ve always been happy to provide my marketing and mentoring services on both sides of the Atlantic. When this exciting new opportunity arose, I knew that it was the right move for me.”

Justin is an American entrepreneur who has made a big name for himself in the UK, through his public speaking events and mentoring academy. He specialises in direct marketing, and sees it as the most successful form of advertising, even in today’s highly technological world. There are more advertising platforms available than ever before, but many modern strategies, such as paying to advertise on social media platforms, can be more miss than hit. Consumers love the human side of business, and appreciate personal interaction. That’s why direct and face to face marketing has proved so resilient, and gives great returns on investment, as well as being a great way to acquire new customers.

More and more companies in the United States are opening up to the advantages of direct marketing, and making it a central part of their promotional campaigns. That brings real opportunities for sales and marketing experts over here, who want to make an impact over there. Justin has been offered a prime role working alongside other leading entrepreneurs bringing new health insurance schemes into the market, and devising new services.

“This is a great opportunity for me, and a very exciting role”, said Justin Cobb. “I always urge entrepreneurs to make the most of the opportunities that come their way, and that’s why I’ll be returning to the United States in the coming year. Make big, bold decisions, and you can achieve real and lasting success. This includes looking for chances to expand your operations overseas, whatever sector you’re in.”

Justin Cobb has been highly successful as both an entrepreneur and a public speaker. In 2015, he hopes to mentor entrepreneurs in both the UK and the USA.


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