Justin Cobb Looks At Taking Care Of Ourselves

Uncategorized / December 18, 2017

It’s important to relax your mind often, when you’re working hard it’s important to take a breather. Our mind is our engine, and like a car, it won’t run without refuelling and allowing the engine to cool and rest, so why do some of us treat our minds differently. Justin Cobb suggests a few easy tips to help keep our body and mind relaxed and focused.

Short, Regular Breaks

Often, individuals don’t understand the importance of breaking up activities. It may seem difficult to step back from a project, but once you let yourself step away for a few brief moments, rest your mind, and look at something different, you will instantly feel inspired again. Have you ever felt stuck on a task, and felt like your at a dead end, But after going away from it and taking in new surroundings, you found yourself coming back with a fresh perspective and new answers? Try it a few times throughout the day and see the difference it makes.

Pen & Paper

Physically writing things down can be very helpful. By extracting information from your mind and putting it down on paper, you can reduce stress. Whatever worries and stressful factors that are keeping you restless, put them down on paper and go over them. See what you can do to combat these situations as well as putting them in order of importance, so you have a better handle on things.

Physical Exercise

Cliche, but evidence proves that this works. Research has shown that working out and exercising a little bit everyday releases endorphins that reduce stress. Letting off steam and feeling strong will burn out any negative energy inside you. Try running or lifting weights and see just how quickly it lifts your mood.



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