Justin Cobb Looks at the Importance of Building an Authentic Brand

Business / April 10, 2022

Within the past few years, it has become increasingly evident that today’s consumer is more interested in shopping brands than anything else, including price. They want to know that the brands they deal with are who they say they are and that they have a social conscience. According to Justin Cobb, “Consumers are savvier than ever, and they will move heaven and earth to shop a brand they believe in. They can spot a fake from miles away, so it is vitally important to be exactly who and what you say you are.”

Justin goes on to explain that for altogether too long businesses have created a persona based on market research, on what they feel consumers are looking for, but that is the wrong approach in today’s marketplace. “If you believe in the quality of what you have to offer, there is no reason to build your brand based on what you feel the competition is doing,” he explains. “Consumers are looking to identify with brands, so talk to them about what you have to offer. Don’t try to compare your brand to anyone else. Let the authentic you shine through.”

There are various ways of doing this, according to Justin, but social media is going to be the key way to engage consumers. This is where you will be able to carry on authentic conversations with your audience and in so doing, they will get a taste of the real you. We are iconic because we believe you must be who you are. You can be an icon in your industry if you believe in who you are and what you are doing.”

In the end, market research is important but “only after you have identified who you are.” At that point, you can begin to research the segments of your market that will respond best to your brand. With brand as the foundation of marketing strategies, that comes before all else. Tell them who you are before showing them what you can do. That is what today’s consumer is after. Authenticity. “If you are real, then they will believe what you are selling is real, and that’s the bottom line.”



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