Justin Cobb Never Stops Learning And Here’s Why

Business / Global / Leadership / March 20, 2018


The definition of a student is described as: ‘Any person who studies, investigates and examines thoughtfully,’ so it’s not just a name given to young people who are in college and university like most people think. Then, in fact, every successful person in the world has been a student for most of their lives. If a person is continuously learning by challenging themselves and asking questions, then they have what we call in our industry, a student mentality. And here’s why it’s priceless.

Here are a few things money cannot buy you: Curiosity, Intrigue, Determination, Focus, and practice. These attributes are internal and come from within a person, but at the same time, nobody is born great at all of them. Like any habits and skills, they have to be nurtured and well tended to, to help strengthen them. Most people will develop them growing up due to their background, i.e., the example set by their parents or the people they have around them to teach them things like patients and focus. But for others, usually, those who could not concentrate in school, they ironically have the best student mentality out of everybody. Once they are rewarded for the information they have learned and put to good use, they easily become obsessed with this process, as being able to use the information in a practical way gives them much faster results, compared to textbook learning in a classroom.


Imagine you are a tree, you’re older now, a lot taller and you have many branches, you have college degrees or trophies you have won, you have a house, a car, many things to be proud of. But at the very bottom, at your roots, you will find those attributes. We are able to grow because we have curiosity, we wanted to see what our legs could do, and we began to walk, we focused in our early school years, and now we can read and write, we were determined to graduate and get a job — and we did it! Continuous growth requires a rich student mentality, so make sure to spend your time and energy where it won’t cost you anything, and make the effort to add value to yourself by becoming determined, practiced, and well focused. You are the only person who can help you.


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