Justin Cobb On Being A Successful Leader And Influence

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Leadership is not a title or a position, it is action and example, and this is represented by Justin Cobb and his methods of mentorship and influential leadership. After joining the direct marketing industry, it was clear from day one that Justin would go on to play an integral role in his field, and inspire thousands of professionals to mirror his work ethic and belief system.


Leadership is a tenacious recipe, containing a few key ingredients such as; intelligence, honesty, work ethic, humility, responsibility, and action. A successful leader has a strong influence on their mentees; they believe and trust in their leader’s ability to help them elevate and lift them beyond their current potential. Justin Cobb believes, “The key to successful influence is about influence, not authority. I have used my career and position as a leader as effectively as possible, and used it to portray the best behavior, work ethic and habits, to influence everybody around me, to be the best version of themselves possible.”


Not many will go through life having the opportunity to influence others on such a grand scale, especially not all of those they work with every single day. This is an honor that Justin Cobb recognizes, and he uses it to motivate himself every single morning when he chooses to influence hundreds of entrepreneurs looking to him to set the example. Just recently Justin Cobb attended some of this year’s most prestigious events in the industry as the keynote speaker. Everyone who attended were accelerated to see Justin and learn from him as he impacts the room as he speaks.
Those who have been mentored and influenced by Justin Cobb, say his passion for living a great life is infectious, and he follows through with everything they have ever seen him say and most of all, he’s not fearful, he is approachable and honest.


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Justin Cobb Heads Up Industry Event In Chicago As Keynote Speaker

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