Justin Cobb On Being The ‘Go To Guru’ In Your Industry

Uncategorized / October 25, 2017


Justin Cobb has international business partners traveling across the pond to network with him several times a year and just this year alone Justin has had over 40 people travel to see him. Coming from the likes of Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom, all of them are eager to hop on a plane to go see Justin on his doorstep in, New York City. So why do these businessmen and women spend their time and hard earned money on coming to talk to him? Because Justin Cobb is the ‘Go To Guru’, unanimously respected and looked-up-to in the direct marketing industry, so naturally business partners and entrepreneurs in his field are flocking to gain his valuable time and attention.

Becoming the expert and guru in your field takes a deeper level of commitment, effort, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking than just getting by doing the minimum and clocking out at the end of every shift. It takes passion and innovation, doing the best to become the best, and as a result, your credibility, profile and most importantly your reputation, will increase. Over the years Justin Cobb has polished his consultancy prowess in leadership, business development and other relatable fields, and today he networks with a few thousand entrepreneurs, asking for his mentorship, guidance, and advice. Before this, Justin worked vigorously while starting out in this industry, going from a new face in the biz, to becoming the most sought-after face in the game.

So what did he do differently that hundreds of others have strived to do, but didn’t get there? Justin Cobb says, “As the saying goes, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Many professionals confuse good intentions with action, this causes them to subconsciously delay committing to a goal or an opportunity until they have some justifiable resources to begin taking action, like money, tools or more time for example. These are really nothing but excuses that they tell themselves in order to delay taking any leap or risk.” explains Justin Cobb. “Instead of waiting for resources, I became resourceful. Using every bit of my time strategically and to my advantage. If I had time to do nothing, then I wasn’t spending my time wisely. I had to become the perfect role model; therefore, my actions had to reflect the advice and guidance I was giving to my mentees. And that trust is the reason why they always come back for more teaching, influencing and support.”

Justin Cobb offers some expert advice, “if you believe that sharing and offering advice is going to risk giving away your secret recipe, then you will never grow in business. You have to help others in order to help yourself, people will respect and appreciate your guidance, resulting in your reputation thriving and the more business you will gain via referrals alone. And people spending their own time to come and see you equals less time that you need to spend traveling and working on business strategy and self-promotion.”


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