Justin Cobb on Changing Your Mindset for Success

Business / August 16, 2019

Many people go through their lives believing that success is something you are born into, or that you stumble onto. They think it’s a product of good luck, or being in the ‘right place at the right time’. While these things may hold a little weight, the fact is, any successful person knows that mindset is the real key. A person with the wrong mindset will fail to succeed even given every opportunity.

If you’re ready to change your thinking and become successful, there are some quick changes you can make that will start to show results almost immediately. All of these changes are about deciding to take control and live your life how you want to. We spoke to Justin Cobb about some of the mindset shifts that make him so successful.

Instead of looking for value, start being valuable

Many people go through their lives constantly struggling to get what they need from it. In the process, they are always searching for what they can get from everyone around them. Instead, ask yourself what you can give. When you provide value to another person’s life, you make them want to be around you and to give you value back. All of a sudden, you’ll find that the world wants to help you, not hold you down.

Ask ‘why’ instead of ‘how’

Many business decisions start with a ‘what’. What product do I want to sell? What niche am I serving? Then they move straight to a ‘how’. How can I outsell the competition? How will I make my product stand out? However, a lot of people never stop to ask ‘why’. Why this product? Why this business? Is this going to help me to achieve the things I want in life? Will it make me happier, more fulfilled? If not, then why invest time and energy into something with no payoff?

Sell yourself, don’t bring yourself down

People see what you present to them. There is no ‘real you’ that is inherently incapable or not worthy. There is only what you choose to be. If you enter a room full of people with the attitude that you are confident, upbeat, self-assured and capable, then that’s what people will see. If you enter that room and start complaining about your life, and talking about what you can’t do, then they will see that. Every conversation is a chance to project a version of yourself into the world. Who would you choose to be if you could? Well, guess what, you can. Start today.

Justin Cobb is a US entrepreneur, with business interests worldwide. He speaks regularly at international events on subjects related to success, business, and leadership.


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