Top Qualities of a Good Leader

Leadership / August 23, 2019

Everyone has their idea of what defines a good leader. If you ask ten different people, you will likely get ten different responses. But everyone will agree that they know a good leader when they meet one. Good leaders are the people who will decide the success or failure of your business, whether that’s a manager you hire, or yourself. We asked Justin Cobb for some of his top qualities that define a good leader.


Many people are hesitant to take decisions in business because any decision comes with a risk. A risk of being wrong, and of being held accountable for that mistake. Good leaders are willing to take that risk and accept that responsibility. They take their time to make sure they understand the problem fully, but when it’s time to decide, they know what they want to do.


It doesn’t matter how competent you are at running a business. If you’re not excited and enthusiastic about it, people will notice, and they’ll wonder why. Real enthusiasm is something that can’t be faked. When a good leader has a passion for what they do, they infect everyone around them with that passion.


A good leader is someone that people know they can trust. Trust inspires loyalty. As well as taking the credit for their successes, they take the blame for their failures. They are honest with their people and hold themselves accountable as much as they hold their staff accountable.


Of course, it’s important to be realistic and to know when to cut your losses or recognize a bad path before you take it. However, nobody wants to work for a person who is constantly negative and self-defeating. There is nothing that takes the edge off a defeat like someone with a positive attitude who can say “Let’s pick ourselves up and try again. We can do this.” People who look for the silver lining are true leaders.


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