Justin Cobb on Mistakes That Businesses Make Building Online Presence

Technology / January 18, 2019

Online presence is very important nowadays. It is also a good investment for businesses. Especially today when almost everyone is online most of the time. An established online presence can certainly do wonders for your business. Nevertheless, you need to know that online presence is more than just being on social media sites and platforms and it certainly goes beyond having or owning a website dedicated to your company. There are many online elements that you need to consider and execute the right way in order to establish a strong presence online. That said, there are also many pitfalls that you need to avoid when you are on the road to building your online presence. We got some tips from entrepreneur Justin Cobb.

Online Presence Starts With a Website

If you are planning to establish an online presence, you do not want to start off without a website. Many people have easy access to the internet. They can access it even in the comfort of their own homes, on their mobile phones. Most often, when people hear about your business, they will try to search for you online. In that case, having a website will help you spread information regarding what your business is, what product you sell, or what services you provide. You can even have a blog on your website that talks about some ideas, news, announcements, and more. This is an easy and inexpensive way to start building your brand.

Websites Need to be Optimized for Mobile

According to Statista, about 52.2% of global website traffic in 2018 came from mobile phones. Because of this, you will want to ensure that although you already have a website, it should also be mobile ready or optimized for mobile viewing for the comfort of your target audience viewing your site via their mobile devices. A website that is mobile optimized should be able to load quickly (about 3 seconds or less). It should be made so that the viewers’ eyes are drawn to your key points. Website navigation should also be stress-free.

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Social media sites and platforms are great ways to start building an online presence. However, you should know that establishing an online presence does not mean being on all of these social media sites. Doing everything at once might just prove to be too much especially if you are doing other things for your business on top of establishing online. Research what social media sites your target market are often staying in and focus on that. This way, you will be able to distribute your energy, time, and resources wisely.


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