Justin Cobb on What Not to Do When Managing a Startup

Business / January 25, 2019

Managing a startup business from the ground up is certainly a lot of work. If you are starting your first business ever, you are bound to encounter mistakes along the way. Besides nobody is perfect, right? Although you will certainly make mistakes of your own, it is still entirely possible to learn from the mistakes of others. In that case, you will want to read up quite a bit if you are to start managing your own startup business. We spoke to Justin Cobb about some things that you must not do when managing a startup business.

Do Not Try to Wear Every Hat

While you may be excited and passionate about your business, you must not do everything on your own. Learn how to effectively delegate so that you will be able to save money, time, and energy that you can eventually use on improving your business further.

Do Not Get Complacent. Evolve!

Evolving in business should be the natural way of thinking of entrepreneurs and business owners. You are earning well now and your clients and customers are already satisfied with what you are providing but do not stay satisfied. There is always room for improvement, so GROW and EVOLVE! The world is ever-changing. People change. Trends come and go. Who would have thought that the internet would be a thing? Who would have thought that mobile phones could become smart? Who would have thought you can take photos with your mobile devices? Do not get complacent and get left behind. Think about the future and what is coming next.

Toughen Up and Put Down the White Flag

Running a startup business, or any business for that matter is not a walk in the park. It is a path full of bumps and rocks. It might even have some potholes, too. Tread carefully and have fun while doing so. Think of the long-term dream or goal you want to achieve and stay focused. Business is not for the faint of heart so giving up too easily is not really an option. You will definitely have your own set of ups and downs, but staying down is a definite no-no.


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