Justin Cobb On Resources vs Being Resourceful

Uncategorized / May 15, 2018


‘Don’t be he who needs resources, be he who is resourceful’ stresses Justin Cobb. We have all been guilty of it at one time or another, “I need to buy x, y and z before I can get started” or “I’m waiting for a response from such and such before I can’t get started.” These are merely excuses and a way to prolong or delay the potential failure or rejection you might face from doing something. Justin compares it to learning to play a new sport or starting a new job, you think you need to buy all new kit and clothing before you can start, but usually, you only end up being the guy with all the gear and no idea. If you think the resources are what you need to be successful, then try this: before you spend a dime, try to find out what the problem or fear really is, and find the best way to overcome it.

“The one I hear a lot is, ‘I cannot exercise until I join a good gym and sign up for a membership’ and it always amazes me that people really believe this and they actually allow it to prevent them from staying in shape. There are poverty stricken countries all over the world who use any resources they can find and it into gym equipment in their backyard, and they are in tremendous shape and probably without reaching into their pockets” explains Justin Cobb. It’s because of their lack of luxuries that they have learned to find a way to win with very little opportunity, and that’s the problem with most people today, they are so used to exchanging money for resources that they believe will give them a better shot at being successful in their mission. Money can make people “soft” when it comes to fighting adversity, as it takes little effort to throw money at things instead of being resourceful and using what you already have to achieve success.

Resources people usually rely on are:

  • Money
  • People
  • Time
  • Information
  • Training
  • Technology

The issue is actually a lack of resourcefulness:

  • Creativity
  • Determination
  • Love/caring
  • Curiosity
  • Passion
  • Resolve

“Often we find more of these resources by being resourceful. For example, by networking with the people you already have in your circle, and asking questions about their circles, you are likely to get in contact with a person who can help you out. Or similarly with training, if you teach yourself using free, online training videos you will become more knowledgeable about what you’re trying to achieve and will become closer to accomplishing it without buying into an expensive training programme” stresses Justin Cobb.



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