Justin Cobb Launches The Revamp Of His Online Learning Portal

Uncategorized / May 5, 2018


Ever since the first version of his online portal was launched, Justin Cobb’s mentee’s and business partners took full advantage of the tools available to them through the platform, including rewatching conferences, seminars, and speeches from industry leaders and their mentor. The site is about to be relaunched after a complete makeover and an upgrade, inspired by the Netflix platform, the new site looks much more exciting, engaging and more straightforward to navigate.  

Justin Cobb dedicates his career to teaching and coaching businessmen and women who want to become leading consultants in the direct marketing industry, and the most important asset he will teach anybody, is how to create and maintain a great student mentality. “Asking questions, watching, copying, studying and practicing. These are all the key factors to becoming a great student, at any age, which is why I created this online portal with the motive that my mentee’s and business partners always have access to the most important information about our industry” explains mentor and entrepreneur Justin Cobb. “Myself and my business partners regularly travel between the US and the UK to speak at conferences, galas, and industry award ceremonies and we plan every speech carefully, from the topic to the delivery, and most importantly the impact we want to make. So it makes a lot of sense to have these meetings recorded and uploaded to the online portal for all of our mentee’s to rewatch whenever they see fit. Justin adds “Due to my busy schedule I cannot always be with everybody to answer their questions or have a one to one, so the online learning portal works as a backup, and allows everybody with access to it to do their homework and find the answers or the motivation they were looking for.”

Justin is very excited to announce the launch of the newly constructed learning portal and encourages more companies to create a similar platform for their employees, so everybody has an equal opportunity to do more independent learning and become stronger professionally, and increase their student mentality.



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