Justin Cobb On The Benefits Of Playing Middle Man While Networking

Uncategorized / September 26, 2017

Expanding your networking circle, technically, is a fairly simple process which everybody is capable of doing. Fortunately, marketing coach and business mentor, Justin Cobb is a practiced pro in building relationships through networking, and offers us some professional advice on how to network the right way, and reap the benefits.

A very helpful piece of advice from Justin Cobb is to not just focus on introducing yourself to everybody for the sake of yourself but to try and introduce two people to each other, who could be of great benefit to one another. You, as the middleman and matchmaker of the business world, will be forever after remembered for being the enforcer. Justin says “By putting this concept into action, you will see your networking circle expand in a small time frame, your name will be the answer to the question asked to all business partners – How did you both meet one another? And that can only ever mean more exposure.”

Also, you are not restricted to introducing people through face to face meetings; you should experiment and connect pairable contacts through emails and online platforms. You can send a friendly email to two contacts, addressing who one another are and why they would benefit from networking with one another. For example, you may contact your business partner in marketing with a contact you know who is looking for some expertise in marketing to develop their marketing channels. You would send the email to both contacts and sit back and watch your matchmaking skills unravel a solid partnership, you will have not only created a relationship but will be remembered by both parties as a very helpful connection who uses their initiative. Justin Cobb finishes by saying “People like people who are helpful. Find an excuse every week to introduce two people who may be mutually beneficial to one another. Sit back as your networking circle doubles in size.”


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