Justin Cobb Shares His Most Unforgettable Piece Of Wisdom

Uncategorized / September 20, 2017


“Every time I have the opportunity to speak at one of our industry meetings, it’s very cool for a number of reasons. I think about how unlikely this opportunity would have felt for me twelve years ago, just before I started out in this industry.” Justin says, “I remember two weeks before I started, I was going to play in a band, and if that didn’t work out then I would go back to law school, and if that didn’t work out then I was going to be Bob Dylan” he laughs.

“People around me would tell me that I had to make choices, they said I could make money, or have fun, or I could help people, or I could help myself. They said I could have a career or I could have a family. Well my answer to them was, which stunned them all… Surf ‘n’ Turf.” Justin says, “There you can have the steak and the lobster, so in life, you can have the money and the family, you can have both, you can have your own surf ‘n’ turf!” Such a humorous analogy, and yet so accurate, Justin Cobb has opened the eyes of so many one-way thinkers by explaining this ideology in this way. Light humor can make the impossible concepts, make clear sense.

Justin Cobb goes on to say, “Every single time you have to make a tough decision in life, one path takes you to X, and another takes you to Y, just decide to take both. Design a route for yourself that will be a one-way road to achieving both accomplishments, i.e., be successful and have fun. You will see just how possible it can be. When the path becomes a little bumpy, focus your thoughts towards what you want in the long run, picture your goals, your future, and then decide how you will go after it.”

“Make it happen, do both, you want to make the money of two people? Then Do the work of two people, you want to make the money of 100 people, then do the work of 100 people. What  choices will you make to influence your story?” Such a memorable snippet of advice from leader and mentor Justin Cobb, with this way of thinking, complimented with these actions, you are guaranteed to achieve everything that you want in life.


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