Justin Cobb on the Importance of Being a Positive Role Model in Both Your Business and Personal Life

Uncategorized / June 16, 2017

In light of father’s day approaching, Justin Cobb and his two children are looking forward to the time they will spend together over that weekend, bonding over family activities and showing acts of appreciation and kindness. A precious time for families and fathers across the world, Justin Cobb is thankful for the blessing of fatherhood and the role of leading by example; he takes a moment to reflect on the importance of being a role model in both his home and his business.

Firstly, work ethic; this is your priority when you are a role model in business, as high work ethic values are what inspire people. “Your workforce will look to you as you demonstrate how to behave and interact in the workplace, If you’re turning up late every day or acting negatively around the office, then you can’t be surprised when your people do. You need to be a role model, demonstrate a commitment to setting and hitting goals, investing the correct time and effort to achieving that success, and set a high standard in your appearance, and the way you act and communicate” Justin Cobb explains.

When leading a group of people in your business you should be inspiring them, sportsmen and women are a good example of professionals who are driven and inspired by positive role models, as they use the success of the hardest working people to drive their desire to achieve better results. Their passion for succeeding sees them through any form of obstacles and injuries and allows them to work hard for the win. It is tough to get the best results out of people if you do not give them a positive example to look up to and copy.

As a leader, a role model and trainer to business partners across the entire US, the UK and parts of Europe, Justin Cobb consistently interacts with the entire team, showing support, listening and problem-solving. He understands how important it is to demonstrate strong and effective communication skills, making sure that he shows how effective touching base with people can be for their professional development. As a role model Justin Cobb says listening to your team is more effective than dictating to them, as well, having a continuous message that people can follow, as strong communicators will interact with their team by giving them a consistent ethos to embellish.

All of these actions and results are transferable into Justin Cobb’s personal life, as his two children emulate his values as they grow and are still continuously learning. “A favorite quote of mine by James Baldwin says, children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them, and this is something I remind myself of every day when my children see me preparing for work or setting goals for example.”



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