Justin Cobb Shares Why Lead Nutrition Is Absolutely Vital

Uncategorized / June 9, 2017

For years, businesses have been told that the best way to increase sales is by building a strong client base through lead generation. However, many businesses don’t understand the importance of nurturing those leads. Here, Justin Cobb explains exactly what a nurtured lead is and how they impact your bottom line.

Justin explains that a nurtured lead is one that is based on the buyer. It is a lead in which the business understands who the buyer is and at what point in the buying process they happen to be. “We work to keep potential leads engaged from the moment we first make contact until that moment when we close the sale.” Justin Cobb says you should only give content that is relevant to where they are in the buying process, and make it your goal to build loyalty to your client’s brand even before that prospect is prepared to buy.

A great deal of time and effort goes into nurturing leads because you have to stay with that prospect throughout until the sale is final. This means there is ongoing communication which is something most businesses don’t have time to handle effectively.

When businesses outsource their sales to direct marketing firms, they take over the reins, so to speak. Justin Cobb and his successful business partners in the direct marketing industry are passionate about building relationships with potential buyers and are even more passionate about building customer loyalty, so they return again and again.

Justin Cobb and his partners continue engaging prospects, so there is never a breakdown in communications. This is what a nurtured lead is, and the fact of the matter is that statistically, nurtured leads make purchases that are an average of 47% larger than non-nurtured leads. This is according to research conducted by the Annuitas Group, a demand generation firm.

This research merely solidified what Justin Cobb already knew. The way to build a customer base and brand loyalty is through engaging prospects at every step along the way. It’s all about anticipating their needs so that you are ready to engage them in each situation.

Obtaining a long list of prospective customers does no good whatsoever if you can’t build a relationship with them and that’s what direct marketing does. It gives personal time to prospects, personal time that businesses simply don’t have to give. In a nutshell, that’s why more and more businesses are outsourcing sales and why they are seeing their profits grow by the day.


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