Justin Cobb On The Powers Of Becoming, Obsessed

Uncategorized / December 29, 2017


People quickly become obsessed with unchallenging, trivial things and worse more, things that are damaging to them. For example, TV shows, Youtubers, social media, famous people, googling famous people, and the list is endless. Frustrating as it is, when will the masses realize just how easily they can become obsessed with the things that they think they cannot or do not want to do? Like growing more hardworking, reading regularly, learning, bettering themselves, earning more money, doing uncomfortable things, smiling more, thinking more positively, getting out of bed earlier and showing up on time.

Obsessing over the wrong things has a noticeable decline on your life, you definitely notice the difference it’s doing; likewise, you undoubtedly recognize the effect it has when you’re obsessing over the right things. Obsessions turn into habits, many people don’t like to admit or even acknowledge that they have bad habits, so they laugh it off and play it down by joking about being obsessed with something. Like it’s just an addiction that they have zero control over and so, therefore, that’s the excuse for not fixing it. Having an obsession can be referred to as an addiction, but it’s not something out of your power or control, an obsession is a conscious choice. And even tho they are commonly joked about, like ‘I just can’t help it, I’m obsessed with Instagram’ obsessions should be taken seriously, they can make or break your future and your success.

For example, change your life by ditching the TV shows, Instagram, Snapchat, with buying things, and get obsessed with outworking yourself, with succeeding, with beating your best record, with reading books, with saving money, with eating the right foods… The options are endless. Adopt the right habits and life will sort the rest out.


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