Justin Cobb On Using Indifference To Have A Successful and Happy Career

Uncategorized / July 24, 2018


When talking about business, people often confuse emotion with passion, it is often advised to leave emotion out of business, and some people think that’s a little cold-hearted because this is where they forget about passion. Passion is what should be driving a business owners decisions. Leaving emotion at the door doesn’t mean a business owner should be emotionless and harsh, it means they shouldn’t become discouraged by objections or opinions from taking them personally, and alternatively, they shouldn’t get their hopes up based on emotion instead of factual events. Passion, however, is advised in business, and like Justin Cobb, all successful business owners have it in bucket loads, and here’s the key; they use it with confidence and indifference.


Indifference doesn’t mean you don’t care, and sure it means you don’t let things affect you emotionally, but when you pair it with hard work, it gives you the opportunity to handle objections well, it makes you mentally stronger and therefore getting to the YES customers and clients a lot faster. Justin Cobb talks about this topic a lot during his speeches at seminars and workshops with his business partners, and he says using indifference right, is the simplest way to achieve your goals. “You have to go into every conversation you have, assuming the best and when it doesn’t work out — and it won’t work out 95% of the time — you’ve got to move on in a heartbeat, it doesn’t matter. Not everyone is going to buy into what you’re saying, always cater your speech and what you’re talking about to the highest person you’re trying to attract to your business.” Justin Cobb explains. “So don’t ever stop your dreams and put them down because your worried some people won’t believe in them. Say what you feel and say it with conviction and say it with heart, the only way people will believe your words, is if you honestly believe them yourself, and eventually, the right people will feel them.”


People think that those who are indifferent don’t care about their customers or their business. But Justin Cobb wants everyone to know, that when successful and smart business owners learn to use indifference in a positive way, they will grow as a person, they will be more passionate than they already were and they will use indifference to fight for the success of their lives and their careers.


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