Justin Cobb Organizes Video Shoot for Avant Garde

Justin Cobb News / March 29, 2019

Justin Cobb’s organization spans multiples countries and hundreds of employees. When this happens it becomes more and more difficult and frustrating to hold endless meetings relaying vital information and ideas. CEOs and entrepreneurs on a worldwide level are increasingly using video to communicate with their organizations. There is limited time and a lot of information to disseminate in the modern business world. Modern tools are allowing CEOs to get more information to more people in less time.

Video is fast becoming the future of communication. Projections show that within a few years, video traffic will account for more than 80% of internet usage. The jury is no longer out. We have decided how we like our content, and it’s video. So gone are the days when a bland, boring company intranet will suffice to communicate. Leaders can now make it so anyone can feel like they are having a one-on-one with them at any time.

Justin Cobb was recently instrumental in organizing a large video shoot within his organization. He wanted important information to be accessible at any time and place, instead of his people having to wait for a sit down with him. As much as all CEOs want to have an open door, as organizations grow this can become impossible. Hence the need for a centralized store of knowledge, accessible to those who need it.

The shoot took place in March and brought together industry leaders from all over the US. A few international speakers also added to the programme. The shoot covered diverse topics relating to the business. Topics ranging from the bigger picture ideas and concepts behind success to practical day-to-day solutions for problems facing entrepreneurs. The videos are set to be released on Avant Garde International, Justin Cobb’s invite-only network of entrepreneurs and industry experts.


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