Justin Cobb on Planning a Successful Conference

Business / April 5, 2019

As part of his role as an organizational leader and entrepreneur, Justin Cobb is instrumental in organizing many events. These range from recognition events, to educational and knowledge-based events, and also corporate R&R events. At the end of April, he is helping to organize a ‘Top Gun’ event for his organization. The event will be a networking event, with several educational speakers. We sat down with Justin and asked him for some tips when it comes to making these events a success.

Have a Vision

One of the most important things when putting together an event is to have a vision for the overall direction of the event. Too many people start out organizing these events simply because they like the idea. Maybe they have a vague notion that they want to have a couple of workshops and some speakers. But there’s no driving force or impetus to the event. Attendees will feel this, and the event will come across as unplanned and incoherent.

Sit down and ask yourself what your goal is with this event. Is it recognition? Education? Incentive? Networking? Once you know this, make every decision about the event with this goal in mind.

Take a Break

Another important thing is to allow time for networking and general social interaction. Although the temptation is to shove as much value into the programme as possible, the reality is that human beings are social animals. If your programme starts with a speaker at 7 am, and the speeches are still going 5 hours later with no break, your attendees will be losing their focus, and likely not benefiting from the information.

Make sure to schedule regular breaks, and provide areas where attendees can network, and refresh themselves, ready to take in more information.

Justin Cobb’s Top Gun conference is scheduled for the 26th of April in Atlanta. After the day of speeches and networking, Justin will be taking all 150 specially invited employees to a baseball game to close out the day.


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