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Uncategorized / May 25, 2016

Justin Cobb is a firm believer in the saying ‘the early bird catches the worm’. Opening up in a new market presents certain challenges. Since opening up in New York the start of  2015, Justin Cobb can now give his clients an opportunity to promote their service in the Illinois, Florida and Georgia area.

Justin Cobb has started working with a top retailer recently. The in-store campaigns are designed with 3 stakeholders in mind. The client, the customer and the venue or event space.  Taking all three parties into consideration, will have an influence on the event and product strategy. Justin Cobb agrees saying, ‘matching up the client with the right venue retailer or event location impacts the ROI we may bring to that client. There we try and test different event spaces from shopping centers, trade shows, train stations, to in-store promotions and festivals.”

There is a growing trend of companies outsourcing their sales and marketing needs to gain a large amount of new customers in the market place. The main reason why companies outsource is to not only gain new customers but also gain new perspective on their product and pricing strategies. Justin Cobb’s marketing strategies ensure that his clients can communicate with customers on a personal level, enabling them to gain a unique insight to what their customers really want.

The current economic climate is recovering, and there is a gap in the market for companies that outsource important functions like sales and marketing. Outsourcing also enables reduced overheads as companies do not have to incur the cost of training in-house staff.

“I have been given the unique opportunity to have spent some time learning and mastering the direct sales industry. I have worked within a number of different sectors, so I know that we are able to run many different campaigns in multiple industries.” continues Justin Cobb. Providing support, brand awareness and increasing his client’s customer base are the main goals for Justin Cobb. The events and promotional sector in the New york, Illinois, Georgia and Florida area is relatively an untapped market where Justin Cobb telecoms and financial client is concerned, so let’s see if this bird catches the worm.


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