Justin Cobb Announces Promotions from within the Ranks

Uncategorized / June 1, 2016

One of the happiest and proudest days for any entrepreneur is that day when team members are promoted to some of the highest levels of management. For Justin Cobb, marketing guru and entrepreneur with a long history of raising up some of the industry greats, that day has come yet again and he is ecstatic to announce the latest to move upwards from within the ranks.

“With these promotions, I am looking forward to big things for the team. These three bright and talented young individuals will be spearheading campaigns for some of our newest clients in the Atlanta and Miami markets. Each will open his or her own office and will be handling the new clients we have just signed with. I am completely confident in their ability to help these clients own their respective markets and bring the same energy we have always been known for to their marketing strategies,” Justin Cobb said when asked for his thoughts on the promotions.

As an international speaker and marketing expert, Justin Cobb is often asked to speak to large audiences of entrepreneurs. At a recent event he alluded to this newest round of advances from within his organization but still hadn’t given any particulars. What he did say was that mentoring is a huge part of being an entrepreneur and that to mentor talent that will one day step out as an entrepreneur in his or her own right is as fulfilling as actually starting up his own company.

Justin Cobb explained, “We’ve been given a gift in this life when we have the talent and ability to move mountains, sometimes where others have failed. Yes, we work hard and earn our rewards but without the raw talent and the drive forward, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Now it is our turn to take what we have been given, that extra bit of knowledge that goes such a long way, and share our experience with those coming up the ranks behind us. Many call it ‘paying it forward’ but I call it being thankful for the opportunities you have been given in life.”

With a strong sense of personal ethics and an uncanny ability to fathom out markets that have been hitherto impenetrable, Justin Cobb is a marketing entrepreneur par excellence and always in great demand. His high praise of these young people heading out to broader horizons is high praise indeed coming from such a recognized force in the industry, the man himself, Justin Cobb. In Conclusion Justin Cobb wishes the new managers well and look forward to hearing great things from them.


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