Justin Cobb Reveals The Problem With Comfort Zones

Uncategorized / August 12, 2016

‘Your Life Begins Where Your Comfort Zone Ends.’

Starting a new business can bring financial rewards, new freedoms, and unbeatable job satisfaction, yet many people who could make a success of it remain working for somebody else. That’s partly due to a desire to stay within a comfort zone, but that can be incompatible with being a successful entrepreneur. An article in Entrepreneur magazine looked at how comfort zones can be bad for your business. Here, Justin Cobb reviews the article, and looks at what businesses in the UK can take from it.

“Some people are so risk averse that they never take a chance unless they really have to, and that can lead to a dull and unfulfilling life”, says self made entrepreneur Justin Cobb. “It’s easy to become stuck in a comfort zone, sometimes without knowing it, so entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs should do all they can to avoid comfort zones and embrace challenges that can lead to the road to success.”

The article likens starting a business to learning to ride a bike. It can seem scary at first, at times things are a little wobbly and unsure, but it can lead to a lifetime of fun and happiness. By leaving the comfort zone behind, and embracing challenges, you move into the ‘strength zone’ where your unique skills and abilities can give you a competitive edge over business rivals. The challenge also means that you’ll have to develop new skills, making you stronger and more rounded overall.

You never know whether you’ll like something until you try it, which is why stepping out of the comfort zone can lead to you falling in love with something completely new. You’ll also be able to wave goodbye to ‘what if?’, two of the most destructive words in the English language. The overall effect of stepping out of a comfort zone and meeting a challenge square on is to make you a better person and a better entrepreneur, leading to better results for you and your clients.

“Don’t be afraid of danger in business, or of trying something new”, said Justin Cobb. “The only thing an entrepreneur should be afraid of is missing out on the opportunities that could propel their business forward. That’s why it’s time to leave the safety blanket of a comfort zone behind.”

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