Justin Cobb Review the Benefits of Self-Employment

Uncategorized / February 4, 2016

According to recent figures by the Training & Development Agency, boredom at work is directly related to happiness at work. They recently conducted a survey which showed that of all the professions, teachers are the least likely to be bored at work and therefore the most likely to be happy. A similar survey run by the TUC found that the people who have the most job satisfaction are those that are self-employed or work for small organisations. This comes as no surprise to Justin Cobb, Successful Entrepreneur and Public Speaker, as he has long believed that self-employment is the best way to achieve job satisfaction.

Justin Cobb says, ‘Being a self-employed entrepreneur suits me down to the ground and I can’t imagine ever being employed by someone else again. I love the freedom that it brings – I can choose my own working hours to fit in around the rest of my life and I am my own boss meaning the harder the work, the better I do. Those that are self-employed do not have to suffer bullying in the workplace, and there is far less stress involved. The TUC found that people who set up their own business tend to be happier and I couldn’t agree more.’

Of course, there are downsides to being self-employed too, though Justin Cobb is hard-pushed to find them. He says, ‘If I had to say one thing that wasn’t so good about being self-employed, it would be that it is very hard to switch off. Sometimes when I am inundated with work I am envious of people who can just switch off at 5pm every day, but then I think of the benefits that running your own business brings and I soon get over it!’

Justin Cobb’s expansion in the USA is going from strength to strength and this is thanks largely to the commitment that he has shown to getting the business off the ground. His growing client base speaks for itself and he has an entire portfolio of happy clients that he has helped. Justin Cobb uses his direct marketing skills in order to be able to help clients attract new customers and boost their sales figures. There’s no doubt that entrepreneurship is working for Justin, and he is making ambitious plans and looking excitedly to the future.


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