Justin Cobb Reviews How to Plan a Successful Event

Uncategorized / August 27, 2014

In this technological age, it’s become easy to communicate with people at the click of a mouse button. Whilst advances in technology and social media are changing the way we live, there’s still nothing more effective than face to face meetings. Events provide a great opportunity to get your message across, whether you’re speaking to other businesses, or potential customers. Here, Justin Cobb reviews the secrets to achieving event success.

“I often host business events in conjunction with an event planning company, so I can see the real contribution they make to a business’s success”, said Justin Cobb. “There are simple ways to ensure that an event goes smoothly, but the key to it is to plan your event meticulously, and make it both ambitious and entertaining.”

Business events provide entrepreneurs with a fantastic opportunity to meet others who are engaged in the same field as them. It’s an opportunity to network, and also gives business people a chance to relax and recharge the batteries in a different environment to the everyday office setting. The most important aspect of any event, however, is that the delegates come away having learned something new or with something to consider that will make a real difference to their business. That’s why the keynote speaker is so important. If you’re planning an event, the key speaker should be your main priority. Check your key speaker’s schedule carefully, and make sure that travel arrangements are in place well in advance of the event taking place.

The other way to make your event a memorable one is to add a wow factor. Yes, the event is there to inform and encourage thought and debate, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun as well. Think carefully how you can make your event stand out from the crowd. As a marketing or sales professional, creativity is your secret weapon, so bring it to the fore. A memorable event will make delegates want to return to your events again and again.

“We always plan something a little special for both guest speakers and delegates”, said Justin Cobb. “It’s great to see the impact it has, and means that people leave the event excited and full of enthusiasm. I’ve planned and hosted events all over Europe, but the secret of success remains the same. Ensure your key speaker arrives smoothly, and give the attendees something above and beyond what they were expecting.”

Justin Cobb is a leading public speaker as well as an event’s host, and is much in demand by businesses who want to take their enterprise to the next level.


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