Justin Cobb Reviews the Importance of Trademarks

Uncategorized / September 12, 2014

Does your business have something that sets it apart from the rest? Of course it does, and that’s what makes you so proud of it. Are you doing all you can to let the world know about it, and to promote your brand through it? One way to do this is through the use of trademarks. A recent study by The Telegraph looked at how to obtain a trademark in the United Kingdom. Here, Justin Cobb reviews this study, and considers the benefits that a trademark can bring.

“I always encourage business to aim big, and create a unique niche for themselves”, said entrepreneur and public speaker Justin Cobb. “One way to show consumers that you truly have something unique to offer is to have a trademark. They can be easy to acquire, inexpensive, and a useful marketing tool.”

When most people think of a trademark they think of a company name or a slogan, but trademarks can be used for much more than that. They are governed by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and can cover everything from names, words and phrases associated with a brand or product, to images, shapes, and sounds. Once you’ve obtained a trademark it becomes your property. You can sell it on, license other people to use it, or take legal action against anyone who infringes it. The trademark is there to protect whatever it is that makes your company special.

A trademark can be obtained through a simple process, via the IPO. It has to be registered for each category (for example goods such as paints or textiles, or services such as education or marketing), that it may be used in, and for each country that it will be used in. An application can cost as little as £170 for one category, and must be renewed every ten years to be enforceable. There are rules to apply, one of which states that all claims made must be truthful, and another of which says that trademarks must have a distinguishing feature rather than simply describing the nature of their business.

“Trademarks are a great way to define a brand”, says Justin Cobb. “Once you have a trademark you can use it on all your promotional materials, as well as giving it prominence on your online platforms. This can help to grow public awareness of your business.”

Justin Cobb is an expert on brand growth, and through his public speaking, he has helped businesses across Europe to think big and achieve their dreams.


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