Justin Cobb Reviews Why Information is Power

Uncategorized / June 30, 2014

As a leading motivational speaker, entrepreneurial mentor and trainer, Justin Cobb has worked with a lot of different business people and seen a lot of different challenges and situations. He has observed a lot of things, and has come up with only one real certainty in business – the more you know about your market, the better you can fare. Here, we see Justin Cobb review why the more information you can access, the better, and how to gain as much market intelligence as you can:

‘The saying goes that knowledge is power, and in business, from what I have seen, this is very true’ began Justin Cobb, founder of the Justin Cobb leadership academy. ‘When you truly know and understand your market, and are up to date on everything that is happening within it, you can use this information to your advantage.’

‘This is especially true in the social media age. There is so much information you can gather from things like Twitter and from blogs, that can keep you at the forefront of your industry. You can also easily show what you have learned and become a respected authority via social media if you do know your stuff. You can inspire people, you can demonstrate why you can add value to clients, and you can tell people what the future direction of your market is and should be, but only if you are well informed.’ Justin Cobb continued.

There are lots of ways you can stay informed about your market, and it is definitely advisable to do this. You should be following the right people on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks, and reading the things they post. You should also be reading the right journals and magazines aimed at your industry, or the people who form your customer base. Online, you can find the results of surveys and the thoughts of market leaders, and all of this can prove really helpful in formulating your own thoughts and strategies.

‘Always remember that the more you know, the better you will be at your job and at running a company in your market.’ Justin Cobb concluded. ‘It doesn’t take much to stay on top of current events and finding is your market, so get into the habit of doing it! Even catching up on the latest industry news on your phone or tablet on the way to the office in the morning can make a huge difference to how well informed you are and how your clients and potential clients view you.’


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