Justin Cobb Talks About Why Conferences Benefit Professionals

Uncategorized / June 11, 2014

Professional speaker, motivator and entrepreneur Justin Cobb has already had a great start to 2014, having spoken at a number of key events. He has hosted 5 major industry conferences himself around Europe, with key speakers from different sectors in business, and has also spoken himself at 9 different events.  As a professional with a lot of years behind him and a key range of contacts all over the world, Justin Cobb feels that events like these are a great way to bring people together and help them glean more insight and industry knowledge. Here he tells us why he thinks conferences, seminars and other events are so important to helping professionals in any field reach their true potential.

‘I have always believed that education is the key to success in business’, began Justin Cobb. ‘Getting the chance to hear people with a lot of experience in business talk can be a huge factor in learning what works. I know for me, when I was starting out, it was the words of other guys who had been through everything in the business world that helped me learn how to approach problems and come out of everything a stronger and better business person.’ he continued.

‘I really feel that now, I can impart a lot of the things I have seen and been through and the lessons I have learnt on the next generation of entrepreneurs. I really want to be able to let them learn from the things I have encountered and use them in their own professional lives. This is really the foundation of my business at this point in time – helping others become successful using the resources and ideas they have. For me it really is my passion, professionally speaking.’

Justin Cobb has a very busy schedule for the summer of 2014, with a lot of opportunities to talk in front of young budding entrepreneurs.

‘I am really excited to be able to talk at so many events and to help others who have leadership in mind. Leadership is an important thing, but even the greatest leaders draw on inspiration from others and the support of people they respect to get to where they are. I believe that the conferences I speak at give the delegates a chance to do just that, and become great leaders in their own right.’ he concluded.


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