Justin Cobb Announces Speech at Major New Orleans Conference

Justin Cobb News / October 19, 2018

Industry leaders understand that cutting-edge innovation, meaningful networking cultivation, and willpower are the three main ingredients in business success. Entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their ideas and business plans will undoubtedly discover that these ingredients can make or break virtually any business plan. This is why environments, where all three can be found, are so beneficial to businesses large and small. Justin Cobb, international entrepreneur and business consultant recently announced that he was invited to speak at an exclusive Rising Stars Conference in New Orleans where the biggest industry leaders will be present.

Planning for the upcoming event and discussing its importance in a conference call with clients, Justin Cobb noted that “the Rising Stars Conference will feature plenty of opportunities for businesses to improve their tactics and leverage relationships for the benefit of their clients”. Such occasions are ripe with opportunity for information to change hands, strategies to be discussed and credit to be given where it is due. This conference is generating a huge amount of buzz within marketing, advertising, and business circles, and Justin couldn’t be happier to have been invited.

The conference will feature two days worth of speeches given by the biggest names in multiple industries and will focus on helping attendees learn how to become better entrepreneurs and professionals. Alongside the main activities, a variety of team-building exercises will occur to help guests better manage their employees and become more effective leaders in general. Justin Cobb has long recognized New Orleans as an important hub for commerce and ingenuity and believes that the conference being held in this city is an amazing choice by the hosts.

While a variety of formal events will occur throughout the two days, guests will also have the opportunity to network and discuss affairs in more relaxed settings. Among the events on the schedule, multiple cocktail hour gatherings will be held to encourage new networking possibilities for guests. Justin Cobb noted that he will be bringing his top proteges to the conference not just to absorb information in a formal setting, but to meet new people and create new acquaintances on behalf of the company.

As the pathway to success becomes more difficult for entrepreneurs and businesses alike, Justin Cobb will continue to invest in every avenue necessary to deliver advantages for his business interests. By being invited to speak at the New Orleans conference, he has clearly ranked well in the eyes of industry leaders and intends to maintain – and exceed – those expectations in the future.


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