Justin Cobb Surpasses Client Expectation in Week 6 of Market Expansion

Global / September 21, 2015

Recently we spoke of Justin Cobb’s excitement to be expanding into new markets, Miami and Philadelphia. It’s just week 6 of his entry into these key markets and with a combined sales of over $50,000 per week in each location, there is good cause for his exhilaration. Last week he ventured out to visit these offices to touch base with the teams and to see how things were going. What he found was beyond amazing.

In his words, “I was pleased to say that the ‘role out’ strategy is working well and has exceeded client expectations so far.” After just six weeks in two of the nation’s biggest, but often hardest to capture, markets, it is no wonder Justin Cobb is jubilant. However, those of us who know and have followed Justin Cobb’s illustrious career as a marketing pro and entrepreneur had no doubts in his ability to move mountains.

Looking back over the years, it’s easy to see how Justin Cobb has reached this level of success. In marketing, a strong understanding of the human psyche is essential and Justin Cobb has the background to understand how the human brain works and what it takes to close a sale in some of the toughest markets in the world.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Justin Cobb says. “Miami and Philadelphia are wonderful places to live and work but capturing a larger market share is a major feat. We know that in order to grow a customer base for our clients we need to understand the broad scope of ethnicities in each of those markets because that is how we reach them. We need to speak their language!” Of course, Justin Cobb isn’t speaking literally here as they market in English. Rather, he is talking about how their cultures work and what it takes to market within their parameters of understanding.

Market expansion isn’t new to Justin Cobb but he still exudes excitement as his team captures and grows larger and larger customer bases for their clients. It’s the thrill of success that seems to motivate Justin and we congratulate him on his latest victories. Justin Cobb says “This is just week 6. I can only imagine where we’ll be in week 20!”


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