Justin Cobb Announces Latest Expansion in Atlanta

Global / September 10, 2015

Brands, businesses and entrepreneurs must juggle a variety of important and potentially risky dynamics when building brands and success stories. Very few entrepreneurs truly find themselves in the position to be able to responsibly expand into new markets, but those that do quickly understand that the process can be replicated with greater ease in each instance that follows. Citing the successes of the past year, Justin Cobb announced recently that his fourth expansion of the year, this time in Atlanta, is on track and will be opening at the end of this month.

With a series of difficult yet attainable goals set forth for 2015, Justin Cobb elaborated on the importance of sticking to goals in the face of adversity. He said that “the act of achievement is often directly connected to assisting others. My primary goal is to help others achieve their goals, which in turn helps me to achieve my own”. This latest expansion, a flagship office in Atlanta City Center, will be the fourth major market into which the brand has expanded in just the past six months. Atlanta has been on many entrepreneurs’ watch-lists for growth for some time, with those in the position of being able to expand their efforts often choosing this city for a variety of reasons.

Many entrepreneurs face difficulties in achieving their goals at the onset of a pursuit, but the ability to keep focused on the overall metrics and desires associated with these goals can make the difference between overall success and failure. Justin Cobb and other successful entrepreneurs have undoubtedly faced set-backs over the years in a variety of industries, but concrete goals can be adjusted as necessary to reflect the reality of changing times. Short and long-term goals must be designed with one simple premise in mind: the furthering of the brand’s objectives and an expansion of successful pursuits.

Because so many entrepreneurs now face an unprecedented amount of competition in their respective fields, the understanding of markets and how goals can impact short-term and long-term success are crucial. Justin Cobb and other experienced entrepreneurs will continue to seek out new opportunities that comport with existing goals, which include expansion opportunities in new markets. While not always possible, long-term preparation in conjunction with steady goals can make expansion a possibility at some point in the future. As more and more brands solidify their grasp throughout one medium or another, newer entrepreneurs will need to find ways in which to expand in the physical realm and beyond.


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