Justin Cobb Talks About Daily Mindset Hacks for Success

Business / April 12, 2019

As an international entrepreneur, with offices all over the world, Justin Cobb has learned something about success. Many people think of success as something that is achieved, or a goal to be reached. But for Justin, and other people who are constantly growing and adapting to the market, success is a mindset. They know that success is a way of acting and thinking that creates daily progress towards their desired results.

When you reach the top, you don’t become successful. You reach a goal that is the end result of a consistent attitude and mindset of success, maintained and nurtured over a long period of time. Like any system, that system of thought can be broken down and replicated, by others looking to achieve the same goal. We spoke to Justin Cobb about some tips for adjusting your daily mindset for success.

Don’t Just Become Better at Your Job. Become Better

Many people who are looking for success in business, will come pre-equipped with the necessary work ethic. However, they may not apply it in the right way. Someone who is a good salesperson, for example, could spend the rest of their lives becoming the best salesperson in existence. But this may not lead them to be more successful.

When training for success, you must train the whole mind. Read and learn about every aspect of business and entrepreneurship, and also generally broaden your knowledge. Knowledge is a powerful asset, and every piece you have contributes to your success. Don’t become a specialist. Become a well-rounded, well-informed entrepreneur.

Know What You’re Saying to Yourself

As human beings, we engage in conversations with ourselves on a daily basis. Of course, we aren’t speaking out loud. These conversations happen in our heads. They consist of the things we tell ourselves, both consciously and subconsciously, about the tasks we engage in, and about our own selves. Many of these we may not even realize are happening. A successful person seeks to gain control of these conversations.

The next time you have a task to achieve, or a goal to meet, try to listen to what you’re telling yourself about that goal in your head. Are you telling yourself that you have the skills necessary to succeed? Are you excited to meet the challenge? Or are you sabotaging yourself before you even begin with self-doubt and worry? If the latter is true, it’s time to take a step back and address that inner dialogue. When you are able to rid yourself of all your excuses, then the path to success will be a lot easier.


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