Justin Cobb Tells Us Why Learning Sales For Personal Growth Is A Must For Your Career

Business / April 20, 2018

When preparing for job interviews you’re basically learning to sell yourself, even if people don’t like to believe it, your learning sales. In an interview you want to sell yourself, make the employer buy into you over everybody else. The company hiring has a problem, that is that they need to fill a space in their team, and the solution = hiring you. Your pitch to an employer involves breaking down your experiences, skills, personality and how all of these make you the best solution for them. Justin Cobb says, “This is the same concept in any sales transaction, as the customer needs a solution to their problem. Therefore the sooner an individual stops shying away from ‘sales’ and embraces this process, they will begin to feel more confident and understand what they can do to carry themselves to perfection in any interview.”

It is a known fact that people buy people, and this couldn’t be truer when interviewing for any job. Sure your resume might help out if it’s laid out nice and fancy on a quality paper stock with a decorative gold trim around the edge, but at the end of the day they are not hiring your resume, they are hiring you. Politeness will take you far for sure, you’ll be remembered for your manners and warm personality, and I never advise you to be anything short of polite, but do keep it real. By this, I am referring to transparency because the ‘buyer’ or ‘hirer’ in this case want to work with people who aren’t putting on a front but are being themselves and whose presence they enjoy. Sure, you have to be careful not to offend anyone. But when you’re relaxed, your confidence shows. As we all know, the greatest salesmen have a witty sense of humor. These aren’t forced jokes to break the ice; this is just genuine humor coming from a relaxed and confident person, who can make their company feel equally the same. So remember it doesn’t ever have to be all serious, in fact, if too serious, you may miss a quip your interviewer has made, and your forgetting to laugh could lead to a slightly awkward situation.


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