Justin Cobb On Routine’s and Why People Should Stop Running From Them

Business / Justin Cobb Academy / April 26, 2018


Routines can be a misconception. Often, people try to escape ‘routine’ because they believe it to be a trap and a form of constraint keeping them from their happiness. Examples can be: 6 am starts, no time for food, driving in the dark, sitting at the same desk, and doing the same thing day in and day out. However it is not the routine that is making you miserable, it is the way in which you feel about the actions you have chosen to take day after day. Justin Cobb says “A routine is a way in which we schedule tasks that we need to perform to go about our day successfully, these actions help us achieve our goals, so how can they be seen as a negative? For instance, wake up a little earlier to make time for breakfast or a healthy juice and increase your energy levels before the day, you should even have a different juice every day to add some difference into the mornings, and begin to see how happier you feel within yourself.”

When we realize that our routine is designed, planned and tested by nobody but ourselves, we begin to understand that we are the decision makers and can create a desired routine for ourselves, one that we find either hard, fun, easy or most practical. Whatever your motivation is, you should create a routine that you will want to follow every day instead of run from.

Justin Cobb has practiced effective routines for several years while on the rise to success, he understands that without strategically maintaining a focused and efficient routine, he would have taken longer to earn his success and hit many more bumps along the way. “When we begin to embrace routines, we feel more in control of our choices and realize that it’s not the universe that controls us, but actually, we are the ones in the driver’s seat. It’s like shopping for groceries, as this can seem like a chore and something we have or need to do because our life depends on it, but compare it to the feelings of self-fulfillment we gain when we go shopping for clothes, shoes or a car. It’s because we are doing something that we want to do for ourselves, we feel in control of our well-being, we have just made the bold decision to improve something for ourselves. This is how we need to look at our routines if we decide to set our day out the way we want to, to benefit ourselves and bring joy and positivity to it, then we will definitely be a lot more inclined to embrace our routines” explains Justin Cobb.


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