Justin Cobb Uncovers the Advantages of Business Trips

Uncategorized / April 12, 2017

It has become more and more common to have an on-the-move job; nowadays more careers entail traveling as a mandatory part of the role. Independent entrepreneur Justin Cobbin shares his thoughts on the advantages of starting an on-the-road career.

For millenniums, sales and marketing experts have been traveling to meet with potential and former clientele and customers and using their direct marketing and face to face strategies to build customer rapport and close deals for their clients. Traveling was the lifestyle of most salesman, up until, the early 2000’s when technology was in it’s prime, all of a sudden the convenience of a quick phone call or being able to video call across the country using Skype was replacing old-fashioned travel and one to one business meetings. While companies saved thousands of pounds on travel costs, old school entrepreneurs like Justin Cobb strongly believes in and sticks with the most effective and efficient method of relationship building; face to face communication. To ensure his group of marketing experts are building the highest quality relationships with their client’s customers, Justin Cobb has never stopped promoting face to face direct marketing and good old, person-to-person communications.

Based in New York, Justin Cobb does sometimes rely on video calls and conference calls to maintain daily communication with his clients who run their businesses all over the United States and the United Kingdom. They are a motivated bunch of direct marketing experts, who provide quality results up to industry standards, for their clients. But by utilizing the face to face marketing systems in which they have developed and learned from their mentor Justin Cobb, they are able to deliver more customer focused experiences for their clients.

“I regularly run business trips across the entire country, and I am frequently overseas, our industry was built upon, and began with face to face, client to consumer, personable relationships,” says Justin. “We know technology has evolved and became a vital asset to our industry, and we appreciate its benefits, but personally our strengths lie with our reputable face to face and direct marketing strategies, which is why our clients favor and choose to work with us. We work harder than any online or telephone-based marketing firms and because of that our customer retention is of the highest caliber. We are strong and determined individuals because of our methods.”


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