Justin Cobb on Useful Tips to Bounce Back from Debt

Business / November 16, 2018

There are some people who think about debt as something healthy and useful. However, too much of it might be really bad especially if your debt is business-related. Too much debt could hold you back in terms of realizing your long-term goals for your business in the financial aspect. It can crumble your business or even close it up to bankruptcy. Nevertheless, you can still bounce up from this debt situation. Here are some valuable tips from Justin Cobb that you can use to get out of debt.

Keep track of your finances

Keeping track of your finances is very important when you are in the phase of paying off your debt. You will want to be in control of your money so you need to see and know every penny that goes in and out of your business. Establish a budget while you are on it and actually stick to it.

Chip away at your debts

Debt payment is more of a psychological issue than anything else. If you can strengthen yourself psychologically, you will be able to pay off your debts accordingly. Think of it this way, if for instance, you try to pay your debts aggressively and not see the results you expect, you will most likely think of giving up since your efforts seem in vain. To combat this, you will instead want to make small regular debt payments so you will be able to see results better. This will psychologically strengthen you to push more into completely paying off your debt. You will want to list down all of your debts from smallest to largest and then start chipping this listing off little by little. The small accomplishments you achieve will encourage you to not give up paying your debt.

Avoid credit card spending

When you are already in serious debt, it would be advisable to halt on using the card. This will also halt you from accumulating more debt in the process. Pay off what you owe first and make sure to start a clean slate if you are to use your credit card for your business again.

Give yourself or your business some reward for accomplishing milestones

When paying off debts, it will be helpful if you set milestones. Milestones are helpful in making you feel and think that you are slowly being able to achieve your goal to become debt free. In this case, you will want to grant some rewards to yourself or your business when you accomplish some reward. It does need to be a grand reward. It could be something small yet something that sparks joy.


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