Keep Your People in Tough Times

Business / August 6, 2021

We’re in a tough time for employee retention at the moment. Business are struggling to keep their people. The current global pandemic forcing people to re-evaluate the way they work and live. People are starting to think about work-life balance and flexibility.

Many people have decided they no longer want to work as hard or have such a stressful career. They want to focus more on family life, or at least have the space in their lives to relax and enjoy themselves. Many are calling this ‘the great resignation’ as record numbers of people leave their jobs. So what are some things we can do as employers and mentors to make sure that we keep our people?

Focus on Productivity

One of the major things that has been coming up over and over again is the idea of shifting focus to productivity. For years there has been a shift in business towards getting the most out of employees. We’re asking people to work longer hours, but not thinking deeply about the content of those hours.

It’s perhaps time to critically examine what we consider hard work to be. Is it just showing up for the most hours. Is it ‘doing the most’? Or is it time to start considering results rather than other factors? What is really more valuable for your company to keep? A happy, motivated employee putting in 30 hours and generating 10 new clients a week? Or a ‘hard-working’ employee who puts in 60 hours and gets the same result?

Be an Example

When an employee considers their future at your company, they look at you for inspiration. They look at you as the person they might be in ten years time. Are you presenting a positive picture? If you seem stressed all the time and are constantly frustrated or angry, is that setting a good example? Your employee should be able to look at you and see that you are happy and fulfilled and living your dream. Then they will feel that they can do the same.


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