Sales Skills That Transfer to Everyday Life

Business / October 22, 2021

Have you ever wondered why many of the most successful entrepreneurs seem to have begun as salespeople? It’s not a coincidence. The ability to persuade and convince is one of the most powerful abilities we can have. And it’s applicable to all areas of life. We sometimes think of salespeople as a stereotype of fast-talking manipulators. But good salespeople believe everything they say. Because they communicate from the heart, and create a genuine connection. Here are some sales skills that will hold you in good stead in every area of life.

Lead With Value

A good salesperson isn’t thinking about selling. Getting money from customers is the byproduct of the real goal. The real goal is to bring value to everyone around you. If you truly believe you are bringing value to someone’s life, then selling is easy. Just the same, when you focus on improving the lives of those around you, you will naturally draw people to you.

Be The Product

When we make sales, we aren’t really selling the product. We’re selling ourselves. Research shows that people buy things from people they like and admire. People must trust you above all else before they’ll consider even listening to your pitch. Real life is just the same. Before you focus on what you want, focus on being a better person, and you’ll naturally attract it.

Listen First

Often we think of salespeople as people who talk a lot and try to dazzle with a lot of words. But in fact, good salespeople listen more than they talk. They know that every sale usually comes with objections. And that only by listening carefully to objections can they know how to convince the other person to try their product. The same goes in real life. The best way to be successful is to listen to people around you. You only have one brain, so why not access the thousands of others you’ll interact with in your lifetime?


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