The Benefits of TikTok Social Media Marketing as Explained by Justin Cobb

Entertainment / May 17, 2022

With more than half the population of the entire world being active on social media, that’s a huge market to engage, and engagement is the key to business success. As Justin Cobb often notes, “Social media is an ideal marketing tool because it has all the elements needed for a successful marketing campaign. It has an audience ready to hear what you have to say and one that is easy to engage. It’s social media, after all,” he says, “and that’s where people go to tell their stories and listen to yours.”

He says that the key to using social media platforms like TikTok effectively is to communicate with anyone who comments on posts you make. “It’s even better when they ask questions,” Justin observes. “It gives you a chance to respond. Today’s consumer wants to be heard. They want a relationship with brands they deal with and so the mere fact that you heard them and answered their question means more to them than even getting amazing discounts.”

What Jason is referring to is the great divide between generations from the past. To them, discounts drove them in their search for brands or products. “Today’s consumer actually wants to mean something to brands they deal with. They want to know that their wants and needs are important. Social media allows you to show your audience that you do care.” He further explains that it is important to address as many comments on social media as is humanly possible. To leave their questions unanswered or their comments unaddressed is a marketing blunder in light of their search for engagement with brands.

The one thing you should always be mindful of when using TikTok and other social media platforms to reach an audience is that not all social sites are created equal. Therefore, the followers you have on Twitter will probably differ significantly from the followers you have on Facebook or Instagram, for that matter. “Use as many social platforms as necessary to reach our intended market, including TikTok. Whether you hire content marketers to keep your social sites active or task key employees with keeping posts alive, the important point is to ensure that you stay active. This shows you genuinely care about what they have to say,” he concludes. “Today’s consumer actually wants a relationship with brands they can identify with, so don’t forget to stay social!”


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