The Value of Self-sufficient Employees

Business / September 11, 2020

The traditional approach to running a business often favors a very top-down approach. Managers assign tasks for the day and then oversee them and correct any issues as they arise. This feedback loop creates a system that can catch and deal with mistakes. But it creates a constant need for employees to escalate issues. Often they feel like they have no real responsibility. Additionally, managers and supervisors are always engaged in correcting minor issues. Or they’re approving small changes to projects that don’t need approval. They have limited time to focus on broader goals and developing the business. It may be time to consider training employees to be self-sufficient. Especially in the current climate with many more employees working from home. When you train employees to be able to operate without oversight, it can have a lot of benefits for your company.

Give Them All The Information

One of the best ways to start down this path is by supplying all the information your employees need to do their job. For example, employees may often need information about rules or processes. How many hours does that waste? One short training session on where to find information could save countless hours. It could allow your employees to feel more knowledgeable. Even to have better interactions with customers and clients. No client wants to hear “I don’t know. I’ll ask my manager”.

Give Them the Why

As well as knowing how to do their daily tasks, it may be useful for your employees to get an idea of the bigger picture. Entering data into a spreadsheet can be a mindless task. When the employee has an idea of how that fits into the larger goals of the company, they might find it easier to come up with their own ways to solve problems. They might even innovate and find better ways to improve on what they are doing.

The reality is, if you’re running a business, you already have a lot on your plate. Your plate is full. You don’t have room for the contents of other people’s plates too. The more you can teach your employees to be self-sufficient, the more you can focus on growth and innovation at the top level of your company.


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