Mental Strength Tips for Success

Leadership / September 18, 2020

Mental strength is one of the most important traits an entrepreneur can foster. Starting a business is a difficult thing with many challenges and pitfalls. If you are mentally strong, you are already prepared for success. You have the skills to manage your feelings and thoughts to face the challenge ahead. At Justin Cobb Leadership Academy, we recently read Amy Morin‘s writings on mental strength. We decided to pick out a few of the key points and share our own thoughts.

Don’t Dwell on the Past

One of the key traits of mentally strong people is that they don’t dwell on the past. They acknowledge it, understand what they learned from it, and move on. Once you have learned a lesson from a negative past experience, it is no longer useful to keep reliving it. The lesson is the important part.

Don’t Expect Immediate Results

Mentally strong people understand that changing anything takes a lot of time. So they won’t give up after a few weeks if something doesn’t seem to be progressing. They’ll keep learning and growing and applying what they know. Because they know that hard work brings success.

Don’t Give Away Your Power

You are the one in control of your life, and your emotions and thoughts. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, even if an authority figure is telling you to do it. You always have the choice to walk away. But this isn’t the only way someone can control you. Allowing them to make you feel a certain way is also allowing them control. You can’t always choose what you experience, but you can always choose your reaction.

Amy lists another 10 points over at her article on Lifehack that are well worth reading. Mental strength could be the key to success that you are missing. Even if you are already a mentally strong person, it’s always possible to learn something new.

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