10 Signs You Would Be a Good Entrepreneur

Leadership / November 26, 2021

Being an entrepreneur is something that anyone can pursue. But some people are better at it than others. Having the right mindset from the start can save you a lot of time and energy. And there are certain personalities and behaviors that help a lot. At Justin Cobb Leadership Academy, we decided to list the top 10 signs you would be a good entrepreneur.

  1. You understand that time and money are interchangeable. Your time is worth paying for, and money can save you a lot of time in the right context.
  2. You’re a bit eccentric. Entrepreneurs think differently, and that’s okay. If everyone thought like an entrepreneur then nobody would do any other job.
  3. You have an entrepreneurial family. Many of the best entrepreneurs have parents who work for themselves. We learn a lot during childhood and this gives you a headstart on mentality.
  4. You don’t stop when you fail. The most successful entrepreneurs never give up. They learn and try again.
  5. You have a support network. The idea of the entrepreneur being independent is not quite right. Good business owners realize that they need support and help. A lot of it.
  6. You’re a rule-breaker. Entrepreneurs don’t like to follow rules. Breaking rules often leads to innovation and great ideas. It doesn’t endear you to managers in traditional jobs.
  7. You’re a problem solver. When you find a problem in your life, you start thinking of ways you can fix it straight away.
  8. You have a ton of skills but can’t seem to keep a job. Entrepreneurs tend to not do well with office politics. Or with following someone else’s ideas.
  9. Your idea of dressing for work is a t-shirt and jeans. When you have a head full of ideas and plans, sometimes personal appearance doesn’t rate high on your priority list.
  10. You are full of passion. Good businesses come from passion. Passion is what keeps you working when the money isn’t that great and it feels like a grind.


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