4 Core Values of Entrepreneurs

Leadership / November 12, 2021

It’s important for every entrepreneur to have a code of values to guide them in their journey to success. If you don’t believe strongly in what you’re doing, then nobody else will. Having a strong set of values will make your path very easy to follow. All you have to do is ask yourself if each decision meets the standards of those values. If you’re always doing that, then you’re always on the right path. Here at Justin Cobb Leadership Academy, we wanted to set out some of the core values you need to work on.


Honesty and integrity are key to a good professional life. This means being honest with yourself as well as others. You might be able to cut some corners sometimes by being dishonest. But in the long run, there will always be a price. Usually, that’s a lack of respect and faith from others around you. Nobody wants to follow someone they can’t trust.


There are no real get-rich-quick schemes. The reality is that if you want success you will have to work hard. As entrepreneurs, we do what other people can’t, so we can have what other people don’t. This often means making sacrifices to focus on the greater goal.


Success is never a solo venture. The most successful get there by having the support of those who went before them. So in return, when they see success, they pass it on by mentoring those behind them. An entrepreneur should realize that they will always be a student to greater people. But simultaneously, success means lifting up those around you, not dragging them down.


The world is a big place. If your idea for a business isn’t very innovative, there’s a good chance that it already exists. Maybe it already exists 20 times. A good entrepreneur knows that to be at the top means constantly innovating and having new ideas. Success is a fact of how much you are able to adapt and grow over time.


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