5 Top Communication Skills for an Entrepreneur

Leadership / December 10, 2021

In a recent interview with Michael Hood, co-founder of VoiceFlow, Warren Buffet talked about how young people can earn more. His biggest tip was to hone communication skills. In this way, he imagines young people can earn 50% more than their current income. Warren talks about how you can have ‘all the intellectual capacity in the world’ but if you can’t communicate it, nothing happens. Communication is clearly extremely important for an entrepreneur. But what are the skills we need to master? At Justin Cobb Leadership Academy we have some ideas.

1. Listening

Listening may in fact be the most important communication skill of all. Since it informs and improves all the others. Getting good at active listening will help you to have better conversations, negotiations, and to become a better leader.

2. Conversation

Even the most basic, every day conversation, can have a profound effect on your life. Being approachable, open, and friendly can open up boundless opportunities in your life. Much of the opportunities or obstacles we create for ourselves we don’t notice. They simply happen in the background as a function of how we behave.

3. Body Language

A large amount of what we communicate is nonverbal. Even if you’re saying the right things, if you’re giving bad signals, that will override what you’re saying. Sit up straight, make eye contact, smile, and use engaging gestures. You’ll see the difference instantly.

4. Negotiation

A negotiation is not just a conversation about what both parties need. It’s a communication skill all to itself. Remaining confident, informed, assertive, and fair, throught the process is key. If you run a business you will undoubtedly have to negotiate at some point, so get good at it.

5. Leading

Being a leader requires a confident communication style, and the ability to inspire people. You should be able to inspire trust and passion with your words and action. This is all about communication too, and is something that you can learn.


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